Sail in Greece? Try Fail in Greece

Disclosure: This post includes information experienced firsthand by passengers of Sail in Greece cruises. You are entitled to form your own opinions on the company.

One of the main reasons I started my blog is to share my experiences so other travelers don’t make the same mistakes. Last fall, my friend and I booked a trip to Greece to sail around the country. We originally considered Yacht Week, but noticed the prices were steep for boats that didn’t sail to the popular islands (Mykonos, Ios and Santorini). During our research, we stumbled upon Sail in Greece operated by YOLO Cruises. Like everyone else’s thoughts, we wondered why there weren’t any negative reviews. Is this too good to be true? We found out the hard way there is always a catch.

Pictured above is a photo of the first time we encountered the boats.

    • First off, Sail in Greece advertises all boats have ensuite bathrooms, wifi and air conditioning. never had wifi (totally understandable because it is after all, a sailboat), not all rooms had ensuites and the crew rarely turned on the air conditioning. What is the point of advertising this if they cannot provide these amenities? We The cabins were so hot that most nights the passengers slept on top of the boat.
    • Passengers were subjected to 2-4 hours of no plumbing onboard due to excessive flushing of toilet paper. Even though the Greeks invented the modern-day plumbing system, it looks like they haven’t figured out how to progress their archaic system.
    • We couldn’t sail to all the islands (which is totally normal due to wind and unpredictable conditions).
    • Passengers were disappointed in the organization and communication between hosts and headquarters. The itinerary was changed due to weather. As promised, we were supposed to receive “comparable accommodations” and the company went back on their word and only covered 20/75 passengers’ accommodations, leaving the rest of us to pay for our own hotels and ferry tickets.
    • Half of our boat got sick from boat fumes and left with chest colds and wheezing.

The hosts and crewmembers try to be as nice as possible, but they get awful, unethical directions from HQ. Greece is easy to navigate, so do it on your own!!

    In addition to the underwhelming experience, there are a couple red flags on the company online.

  • Sail in Greece deletes negative comments on their social media pages and blocks angry customers from leaving reviews.
  • Sail in Greece leaves fake reviews online to boost their reputation. Therefore, you only see positive reviews and little to no negative reviews.
  • I’ve also been told Sail in Greece bribes old passengers to take down negative reviews.
  • Present and future cruisers reached out to me to ask about my experience. I’ve also had cruisers message me while on the boat explaining their mishaps. Check out the countless reviews by other passengers who sailed with Sail in Greece this summer:I hope this review gave you extra information on the charter.

To see more reviews, visit Google Reviews.

You can also view more negative, accurate reviews here:

I wish I stumbled upon a similar review prior to making a commitment to sail with fail in Greece!

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  1. I totally agree, My husband and I went on a “trip” with them but ended up leaving early (sick from the fumes). We even have the doctors notes to prove it! Yup, we both got upper respiratory infections. Never again.

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